For foreign students

Foreign students are welcome to our group, Mechanical Simulation Laboratory, as Ph.D. course students in the framework of English-based IGP students (International Graduate Program). You have a merit of having great chance to get scholarship from Japanese government (Monbukagaku-sho, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; MEXT) for three years in this IGP of Keio University.

To start from September with scholarship, the deadline of submitting the application form is November or early December of the previous year. Without scholarship, the deadline is early April of the same year. Note that the deadline is much earlier to get the scholarship. For more detailed information, please visit the Keio University web site.

Also the double degree program students and short term international exchange program students in the master course are welcome.


Dr. Chen Jian Ken Lee, Mr. (2009), Hong Kong
- Structural topology optimization based on level set method for multidisciplinary design

Dr. Khairul Salleh Bin Basaruddin, Mr. (2013), Malaysia
- Three-dimensional morphology analysis of vertebral trabecular network architecture using multiscale method

Dr. Samuel Susanto Slamet, Mr. (2014), Indonesia
- Study on uncertainty modeling and sampling scheme with focus on tail distribution applied to biomechanics simulation of pressure ulcer

Dr. Pin Wen, Ms. (2016), China
- Probabilistic multiscale analysis of three-phase composite material considering physical and geometrical uncertainties at microscale

Dr. Aimaddudin Atiq Bin Kamisan, Mr. (2017), Malaysia
- Biomechanical study on drilling mandibular trabecular bone and lifting maxillary sinus membrane in oral implant surgery

Hoang Tien Dat, Mr. (started September 2017), Vietnam
- Stochastic nonlinear multiscale computational method for composite materials (tentative title)

MASTER COURSE STUDENTS incl. Double Degree Program Students (as of July 2018)

Mr. Paolo Realini (DD student, 2016), Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy

Mr. Fu Yu (DD student, started September 2017), Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy

Mr. Jon Kipp Lauesen (Short Term International Exchange Program, started April 2018, 6 months) , Technical University of Denmark, Denmark


Mr. Miguel Clanche (April 2010, 6 months) Ecole Central de Nantes, France

Dr. Loic Gilardi (November 2011, 6 months) Ecole Central de Nantes, France

Assoc. Prof. Gregory Legrain (February 2012, 1 month) Ecole Central de Nantes, France

Dr. Adrien Michelle (April 2013, 3 months) Universite Paris-Est, France

Prof. Heoung Jae Chun (March 2018, 1 year) Yonsei University, Korea